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Block Iron & Supply Company Inc.


Veneer Comparison

This details the difference between A grade and AA grade veneers, and in which situations each of them are typically used.
A vs AA Grade Veneer

Door Color Charts – listed by company name

Wood Doors:

Marshfield Door Systems
Oshkosh Door

FRP Doors:

Edgewater FRP
Oshkosh Door
Eliason Corp.

Existing Locations Forms

These are for use on job sites, where an existing door or frame is to be re-used, and the information is needed to ensure the new portion of the opening is supplied correctly.

Existing Frame Locations
Existing Door Locations

Handing Chart

This is for use by our customers that are trying to determine the swing or hand of an opening.  This is an easy reference that allows for a person to quickly determine the correct swing or hand.
Handing Chart

Knock-Down Frame Installation Instructions

These are the instructions on how to install a knock-down frame.
KD Frame Install Directions

Restricted Keyway Sample Letter

Restricted key ways are known for the security that they provide.  In order to add on to the key system, the manufacture requires a letter from the owner to ensure the proper use of the key records.  This letter details the items needed to request to key records, without this the records will not be released.
Restricted Keyway Sample Letter

Wood Veneer Information – veneer cutting and matching

This details the differences between the cut and match that veneers can have, and how they will differ based on different cut and match combinations.
Wood Door Cut. Match Info

Key Records Release Form

This is needed for people to request a copy of their key records.  To ensure the proper use of the records, please follow the template.
Key Records Release Form


Credit Application
AA Master Key System Design Guide
Setting Up A New Schlage Primus and Everest E-Validation